Breaking News: Haitian President is facing pressure to respond to comment of Trump about Haitian immigrants having AIDS

Posted by on Sunday, December 24, 2017 Under: Diplomacy
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Haitian President Jovenel Moise is facing intense pressure from his inner circle in Haiti, for him to respond to the recent explosive NYTimes report that the American President Donald Trump, has said that Haitian immigrants all have AIDS.

Breaking News: Donald Trump said Haitian immigrants " all have AIDS"

Many are going as far as to ask for the american ambassador in Haiti to be expelled over the alleged comments, or, for President Moise to recall the Haitian ambassador to the United States for consultation.

Yesterday, the NY Times published a story alleging that during a meeting last June in the Oval Office, American President, Donald Trump, said that Haiti sent 15.000 immigrants to the United States, and all had AIDS. The damning story prompted a slew of angry reactions on Haitian social media, but no one from the administration of President Moise has yet responded in their official capacity to the comments.

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