Breaking News: Haitian justice ask United States for the extradition of former Senator, in connection to the murder of Jean Dominique

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Former Senator of the Department of West Mirlande Liberus who now lives in Florida, is the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the Haitian justice against her in connection with the murder investigation of journalist Jean Dominique.

According to information the warrant is issued this Friday against Myrlande Liberus Pavert following an order that is made to the Minister of Justice and Public Security Pierre Richard Casimir dated March 27, 2015, asking the United States government  to proceed with mutual legal assistance in the execution of the warrant issued against the former senator for acts of bleaching assets, smuggling of drugs, and criminal conspiracy.

The Haitian governement is seeking the extradition of Mirlande Liberus from the US, to answer questions of justice in accordance with Haitian laws governing matter and international treaties signed and ratified by Haiti.

Former Senator Mirlande Liberus had denied any involvement in the assassination of radio director Haiti Inter, Jean Léopold Dominique. Lives in Miami, the former Lavalas Senator refrained from responding to questions from the media .

Asked by a radio Haitian community (intercontinental) in the United States, Ms. Liberus Pavert revealed to have engaged lawyers in Haiti and the United States in order to shed light on the accusations against her.
"My lawyers will give me the guidelines and the procedures in this matter, and I will respond in a clear way."Refusing to say anything more.

Ms. Liberus Pavert and 8 other people are accused in the report of Dabresil Yvickel investigating judge to be the intellectual authors of the crime perpetrated April 3, 2000.

According to former officials of the Aristide Foundation, these accusations have been launched for several years. Whenever I am surprised to hear such accusations, because I know I am involved in a fight for the establishment of a participatory democracy in Haiti, she insisted.

Former Senator thank those who showed their solidarity after the publication of the report of the investigating judge.

"These supports reinforce my conviction to continue the struggle for justice and peace in Haiti, she says recalling that his fight is to improve the living conditions of Haitians."

At the same time she criticizes the behavior of Secretary General of SOS Journalist, Guyler C. Delva who had communicated in the media the report of the investigating judge.

In the coming days the report will be submitted to the Court of Appeal in Port-au-Prince which will initiate the procedure to issue a stop-order as part of this case.

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