Breaking News: Haitian government temporarily suspends Oxfam license to operate in Haiti

Posted by on Thursday, February 22, 2018 Under: Haiti Breaking News
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The Haitian government has temporarily suspended Oxfam’s license to operate in Haiti, following the revelation that some of its employees committed sexual abuses in the country, while delivering aid in the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake in 2010; including paying prostitutes, possibly underage, for orgies with aid money.

The two months suspension was justified by the Haitian Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation, explaining that “serious misconduct” had been committed, the Haitian judicial and police authorities were not informed at the time of the facts.

On Monday February 19th, officials of Oxfam met with Haitian authorities where they handed over the full 2011 internal report which described the disturbing behaviors of many high ranking employees, including the country director, Roland Van Roland van Hauwermeiren.

President Moise has called for the prosecution of all those who were involved in these crimes.

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