Breaking News: Haiti's Prime Minister today faces no-confidence vote

Posted by on Saturday, July 14, 2018 Under: Haiti's Political Crisis
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The fallout from the failed attempt of the Haitian government to raised fuel prices continues a week after violent protests and looting erupted in respond to the would be price hike, as Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, today faces a no-confidence vote during a special parliamentary session.

The embattled Prime Minister has been resisting calls from nearly every sector in Haiti for him to resign, Lafontant is blamed for the crisis since he was the one to authorize gas prices to go up by 51%.

All the Mayors in Haiti demand the departure of Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant

The President of the Chamber of Deputies Gary Bodeau, minutes before the beginning of the special session, during an interview with local journalists was still calling on the Prime Minister to resign. Believing that a no-confidence vote will make the government of President Jovenel Moise, even weaker than it already is following the crisis.

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