For the second time, Haiti's Ministry of Health and of the Population have had to publicly denies rumors on social media, about the Ebola virus being present in Haiti.

Recent rumors have appeared on social networks, about an alleged first case of Ebola being detected in Haiti's northern region; in the Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite area.

The minister of Haiti's public health, Florence Duperval Guillaume, who is also the interim Prime Minister of Haiti said about the rumors:
" This is absolutely False. There are ill-intentionned people spreading such rumors."
Guillaume also called on the population "... to remain calm and to respect all disclosed prevention regulations while making the duty if any were needed, to reassure everyone of the effectiveness of the vigilance system in place to reduce significantly the risk of contamination of our country"

Last October Haiti became the first country to take the harshest measures to prevent the Ebola virus from reaching its soil, by forbidding the rotation of people from the affected countries, including possible health care workers that might have been recruited by the United Nations.

But aside from the reassurance of Haiti's Ministry of Health, it is highly unlikely for the Ebola virus to reach Haiti. The country doesn't have any direct flights from the African countries most affected by this deadly disease. If someone from these countries were to go to Haiti, they would have to lay over in Europe, then in the US, going over multiple screenings, before finally landing in Haiti. 
African ships don't usually come to Haiti either.

The United Nations Peace keeping mission known in Haiti as MINUSTAH , does have African soldiers operating in the country, but these soldiers are not from the affected countries.