Breaking News: Haiti's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it is "appalled" by statement of the UN on PetroCaribe

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Mission in Haiti in Support of Justice (MINUJUSTH) divided over progress on Petrocaribe in a press release dated 25 February, MINUJUSTH welcomed the appointment of investigating judges in the Petrocaribe case while calling on the Haitian authorities to do the same in regards to the Lilavois and Grand Ravine cases.
In response, the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the statement of the UN mission that undermines the image of the country.

According to the Ministry, this exit from the Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, Susan D. Page, goes beyond the scope of the mandate assigned to her and reflects a negative attitude to the political and institutional stability acquired in recent years .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems all the more offended by Mrs. Page's statement that it occurred in a context in which Haiti projects a very beautiful image towards the outside.

"The Foreign Ministry is appalled that in full session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of CARICOM that is taking place in Haiti, the same day of the signing of a program with the IMF, this statement to pollute a serene atmosphere, indispensable for investment and economic and social development, essential condition for stability and peace '', reads a statement of the Ministry dated February 27.

Later, the ministry says it believes that this statement of the MINUJUSTH chief is in total disagreement with the call for a fundraising retreat for victims of cholera recently launched by the UN.

Complaints filed by civil plaintiffs in relation to the Petrocaribe case are pleasing to MINUJUSTH, while lawmakers are warning against judicial populism.

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