Breaking News: Haiti's Foreign Ministry denounces attempted lynching of diplomat by Dominicans near Pedernales

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"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the public in general, and the press in particular, that since February 19, there is a situation of tension at the border between the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, especially on the side Anse-a-Pitre / Pedernales. This situation follows the death of a Dominican citizen who was murdered by a Haitian citizen during an altercation between the latter and a Dominican couple. The wife of the Dominican citizen was herself dead at the hospital as a result of her wounds.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deplores the tragic death of the Dominican couple and extends Its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. It should be noted that the Haitian national accused of this double murder is currently detained in the civil Jacmel prison.

While the authorities of the two countries are in concert to find a solution to this climate of tension, some Dominican citizens, heated to white, want to avenge the death of their compatriots at any price. They commit abuses against Haitian citizens living on the other side of the border, forcing them to hide at home or cross the border to avoid reprisals.

Dominican President declares emergency in Pedernales and dispatches troops to protect Haitians from threats of Domicans who want them out within 24hrs

In order to protect its nationals, the Haitian Government has installed in Pedernales a Consular Antenna, reporting to the Consulate of Haiti in Barahona, whose leader narrowly escaped a lynching and sought the assistance of the National Police of Haiti and to strengthen the security of citizens in Anse-a-Pitre.

The Haitian Government regrets this attempt to lynch the Consul of Haiti in Barahona, with an official mission accepted by the Dominican authorities. Therefore, it is urgent to take into account the situation of disarray in which Haitian citizens living in Pedernales who are themselves, without any special protection from the Dominican authorities, are to be found.

Mindful of the need to shed light on the unfortunate incident that is the basis of this tense situation between Haitians and Dominicans in Pedernales, the authorities of both states are taking steps to prevent personal revenge taking precedence on institutional justice and the triumph of the principles of public and private international law relating to the protection of foreigners living on the territory of a State.

Port-au-Prince, March 15, 2018 "

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