Breaking News: Haiti's Ambassador to the UK accused OXFAM of cover up, after explosive sex scandals involving orgies with minors in Haiti

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The Haitian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Bocchit Edmond, in an interview with the BBC, on Saturday, February 10th, expressed the Haitian government “outcry over those serious crimes that were not reported to relevant authorities.” referring to recent explosive reports of how employees of the British charity OXFAM, used donated earthquake money to pay for sex and “orgies” with underage prostitutes in Haiti.

Mr Bocchit Edmond whom previously served as Haiti’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, accused the benevolence organization of a “cover up”.

One of the men allowed to resign without disciplinary action, after the disturbing crimes came to the attention of former Chief Executive of the charitable group, was Oxfam’s country director in Haiti, Roland van Hauwermeiren. The report said that Mr Van Hauwermeiren, 68, admitted using prostitutes at the villa rented for him by Oxfam with charitable funds.

“Dame Barbara Stocking left this guy leave the country without any punishment and now he is working for other NGO’s” lamented the Haitian diplomat on the BBC set.

Mrs Barbara said that the organization did not inform Haitian authorities at the time, because “it was extremely unlikely that any action would be taken”.

How the Director of Oxfam in 2011, used donated money for the earthquake to pay for underage prostitutes in Haiti and "orgies"

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