Breaking news: Haiti postpones Sunday's presidential election to deal with Matthew's devastation

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The president of Haiti's electoral body (CEP) has announced the postponement of Haiti's presidential election that was due to take place Sunday, because of the catastrophe left by the powerful hurricane Matthew, as it pounded the poor Caribbean nation Tuesday.

Earlier today one of the CEP's six members anonymously confirmed to local media that electoral officials were thinking of reporting the processus till October 24th.

Haiti may postpone Sunday's presidential election till October 24

Haiti officials fear catastrophe from hurricane 6 days from presidential election

Haitian officials now will be able to entirely focus on assisting the 350.000 people that have been displaced by the storm according to the latest United Nations estimate.

The president of Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council, Leopold Berlanger, said a new date for elections would be announced by next Wednesday at the latest after talks between the various interested parties. 

"In the southern region, we already know that many buildings have lost their roofs and some of them were going to be voting centers," Berlanger said.

Poll workers may be among the victims or have been left homeless by the hurricane, he added.

This is the 6th time that Haiti has postponed its crucial presidential election that began in October 2015. The results of that first round was thrown out after widespread fraud allegations and violence.

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