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The French President François Hollande will travel to Haiti on May 12, after his visit to Martinique, Guadeloupe and Cuba.

The information was confirmed by The Elysee on its website.

Recall that Haitian President Michel Martelly met with his counterpart of the French Republic, François Hollande, October 31, 2014 in Paris, as part of a European tour that had also led to Germany.

Note that in the margins of the 14th Francophonie Summit which was held in Kinshasa (DRC) Mr. Martelly and Mr. Holland also had talks focused on the evaluation of the Franco-Haitian cooperation. During the meeting Mr. Martelly had hailed a strong and profitable cooperation for Haiti while formulating new proposals needed for improvement.

 François Hollande's 
predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, had been the first and only French head of state to make a visit to Haiti, in February 2010, a little over a month after the earthquake that killed more than 217,000 people.