According to Haitian officials on Monday, 4 of the 34 prisoners who escaped the prison in Saint Marc Sunday morning, have been apprehended while the other 30 are still on the loose. Sunday morning it was discovered that the steel bars of the jail cell housing the men were sawed off, allowing them to jump over the fence that surround the compound and get away.
Berson Solijour, Saint Marc's Police commissioner said that they have circulated photos of the men in the Artibonite region in central Haiti. Berson Solijour encouraged anyone with information to call the police so they can remove these prisoners who have committed serious crimes from the main population.
The Haitian National Police in Saint Marc would not confirm the Associated Press report that the guards who were on duty on the night of the escape are currently being detained by the Haitian National Police on suspicions that they may have aided the escape.