Breaking News: Evans Paul nominated as Haiti's new Prime Minister

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Haiti's President Michel Martelly has just announced via twitter his designation of Haiti's permanent Prime Minister, former Port-au-Prince mayor Evans Paul.

" By presidential decree on the date of December 25th 2014, the citizen Evans Paul is nominated Prime Minister, in order to form a new government."

The nomination of Evans Paul seems to be another effort by the President to make consensus to the radical opposition, as Evans Paul a former Lavalas who was elected mayor in the 1990 elections which saw Jean Bertrand Aristide elected as the first democratic President of Haiti.
Known by his comrades as K-plimo, he ran unsuccessfully for the Haitian presidency in the 2006 elections under the Democratic Alliance Party banner. 
The ratification of Evans Paul by the current senate most of them former Lavalas members, whose terms are about to expire in January 2015 remains unclear, because even though Evans Paul was a part of Lavalas, he was the party leader of the Convergence Democratic, where he was openly against Jean Bertrand Aristide and organized many protests that at the end contributed to Jean Bertrand Aristide overthrown in 2004.
It seems evident by this move, the President will make one last proposal to the opposition before January 2015, and that would be, the allowance of the Lavalas party to participate in the upcoming elections, which so far has been prohibited, by Michel Martelly as well as his predecessor René Garcia Préval who was Prime Minister of Haiti under the Lavalas Banner before being elected President of Haiti.

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