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Donald Trump has won the historic 2016 American presidency in a stunning landslide; easily defeating his opponent, former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The presidency of Donald Trump will have a huge impact on Haitians and Haiti itself to say the least. Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump had used Haiti, as a main example of the failed foreign policies of Hillary Clinton.  He became the first american presidential candidate to visit the Haitian community when he made a stop in little Haiti, Miami, a community with some 500.000 Haitians.

Donald Trump courts Haitian-Americans votes at Little Haiti's Cultural Center in Miami

Majority of Haitian americans openly dislike Hillary Clinton and her husband former president Bill Clinton, for their nefarious policies that have badly affected Haiti over the years.

Haitians hold grudge Hillary Clinton for the rebuilding of Haiti that did not happen after her leadership of the massive aid appeal and subsequent reconstruction's efforts and promotion. And also for political and other corruption scandal that she got herself involved in. Bill Clinton is widely unpopular among Haitians for his trade policies that had crippled Haiti's rice industry, and his harsh immigration and foreign policies he adopted in regards to Haiti during his presidency.

When American politicians suddenly give a damn about Haiti

Many Haitian americans supported Donald Trump or did not vote in sign of protest. As reality starts to sink in, it is plausible to wonder if they have regrets.

A Trump presidency has huge implication for Haitians, there are currently tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants who are already on their way to the United States, on foot from Brazil, via Mexico. 
One of the messages that resonated loudly during President-elect Donald Trump's campaign was the building of wall along the border with Mexico to stem the flow of illegal immigrants coming in. Donald Trump had also campaigned heavily against illegal immigration to the US in general, there are currently some 800.000 illegal Haitians living in the United States, and many Haitian communities now have a real fear that their relatives may be deported.

Outgoing president Barack Obama who had cancelled an order of deportation of undocumented Haitians after the devastating earthquake in 2010, has cancelled that decision since hurricane Matthew destroyed most of Haiti last month. It is unclear what Donald Trump will do in regards to that policy.

US cancels decision to deport undocumented Haitians, after devastation of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

During his visit to Little Haiti, Donald Trump said that he was going to be Haitian's "greatest champion" by appointing Haitian American ambassador to better defend the interest of Haiti and he's promised to adopt better trade policies. Now it remains to be seen if he will keep his promises.

The Haitian government is expected to soon release a congratulatory message to the American President-elect Donald Trump.