On the night of Wednesday February 25th, after a peaceful march by numerous human rights organisations for Haitian migrants across the border, the embassy of the Dominican Republic in Port-au-Prince has been attacked by a group of individuals, throwing rocks, while a few others climbed the walls of the embassy's compound and took down the Dominican flag and then raised the Haitian flag instead.

The rift between the two nations that share the Island of Hispaniola continues to widen year after year;  this latest incident comes after a series of violent crimes have been committed against Haitians migrants in the Dominican Republic; such as the recent lynching of a young Haitian man , the stabbing and cutting of another and the burning of the Haitian flag during numerous Dominican protests.

In a communication made public, Haiti's foreign minister Dully Brutus, said that " The Haitian Government condemns the violation and  the regrettable aggression of the Dominican's General Consulate's local in Petion Ville, by a small group of ill-intentionned individuals who have eluded the organizers of this peaceful march."

In that note, the Haitian government called on the population to remain calm and avoid all acts that could contribute in the deterioration of the relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Just as the Haitian government did last week after the hanging of the Haitian citizen in Santiago, the Dominican Republic has also recalled its ambassador from Haiti for consultations.

While the Dominican's minister of foreign affairs, Mr Andrés Navarro has admitted that this act was not directed by the Haitian government itself, which has given clear and strong indications to find those responsible; Mr Navarro has issue very harsh cautions to the Haitian government, saying that the Dominican Republic has been " Prudent and patient against such violence." but he warned that " Patience has a limit."

The Dominican minister of foreign affairs went on to say that " The Dominican Republic has been under an international campaign, accusing it of racism, despite the solidarity manifested by the government and the Dominican people in Haiti."

The minister wanted to make clear that " The criminal acts that have happened in the country in recent days against two Haitian migrants found assassinated, or the residence of the Haitian ambassador being robbed, are isolated incidents, to which Dominican authorities have condemned immediately."