Breaking News: Dominican driver who was recently kidnapped in Haiti, has been released

Posted by on Friday, April 20, 2018 Under: Haiti/Dominican relations

The Dominican driver, Kairon Antonio Arias, who was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti last week arrived in the Dominican Republic early on the morning of Friday, April 20, along the border in Dajabón and is currently being questioned by Dominican Police. He supposedly returned to his country alone, on a motorcycle.

Kairón Antonio Peralta Arias is being interrogated in the Migration offices at the moment by anti-kidnapping units of the Dominican National Police. More details about his interogation will be made public later on.

Breaking News: Dominican driver faked his own kidnapping in Haiti

Peralta Arias was reported as kidnapped April 11 by his brother, who said that the kidnapping had occurred when he went to the neighboring country to transport missionaries on a bus. In their complaint to the Police in Dajabón they assured that they were receiving calls from the number 509 430 41656 in which they demanded about 50 thousand dollars for their release.

Days later, the police said he was working on the rescue of the man, while in Dajabón, the community was demonstrating asking for his release and the authorities to act.


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