Breaking News: Dominican driver faked his own kidnapping in Haiti

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Many are beginning to question the kidnapping story of the Dominican driver, Kairon Antonio Peralta Arias, who was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti some 11 days ago while transporting some religious missionaries to the neighboring country.

Dominican Police is looking for a man who was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti

Last Tuesday, Dominican police publicly announced that they were looking for a Dominican citizen in Haiti who was reported missing by his brother, after he was hired for 74.000 pesos to transport a group of religious missionaries to the northern city of Cap Haitian. However the case took an unprecedented twist as Kairon, in tears, on the back of a motorcycle, showed up at a police station in the Dominican Republic, saying that he had escaped from his alleged captors.

Breaking News: Dominican driver who was recently kidnapped in Haiti, has been released

He recounted an unbelievable story, of how he was chained in both ankles and kept in a dark room, by a couple of Haitian men who demanded that his relatives give them $50.000 for his return, but that he had instead given them the bus that he rented to transport the missionary group to Haiti. He said that he was able to escape when rain broke out on Thursday night and the men had decided to unchain him.

Many people have begun to question his story, they allege that Kairon had sold the bus that he rented while he was in Haiti and made up this crazy story to justify the selling of the bus which was not his.

The Doctors who examined him seem to also not buy his kidnapping story, as they concluded on their physical examination report, that he was in “full physical and mental health. No sign of violence. His face did not look like someone who had been kidnapped for a week.”

The family of Kairon Arias, are outraged by the allegations.  "My son is not a criminal, by the grace of God, we are Christians,”  shouted angrily his father in the presence of his wife Nelis Rondon and the wife of Kairo, according to the Dominican newspaper Hoy!.

The Dominican Police and judicial authorities said that an investigation is underway to uncover the truth in this strange case.

The reported kidnapping had caused further tensions between the two neighbors of Hispaniola, as Dominicans vowed to removed Haitian nationals in retaliation if the driver was not returned, just as they threatened when a Dominican couple’s murder was blamed on two Haitian brothers.

Haitian migrants in Dominican Republic face new threats of expulsion, this time, over the alleged kidnapping of a Dominican Driver in Haiti

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