Breaking News: Chilean President signed law requiring Haitian citizens to obtain a visa to enter Chile

Posted by on Monday, April 9, 2018 Under: Migration

Chilean President, Sebastien Piñera, earlier on Monday, April 9th, during a ceremony at La Moneda presidential Palace, signed the draft of the “ New Migration Project”, meant to regulate the new migration phenomenon in Chile. He said that the current regulations are “obsolete”, so that legislation is needed to guarantee “ safe, orderly and regular migration,” explaining that it must balance rights with regulation.

Chile is, has been and will continue to be an open country with migration. " Piñera said, adding that however " the time has come to put order in this home we share"

The new regulations are meant to mostly curtail Haitian and Venezuelan migration into Chile. The South American country has seen an explosion of Haitian arrivals in the past few years. More than 100.000 Haitian citizens arrived in Chile in 2017. Haitian citizens previously were not required to have a visa to enter, but that is soon about to change

From April 16 there will be a simple tourism consular visa for Haitians who want to come for recreational purposes, but without migration purpose, residence or paid activity, which will only be for 30 days. The number of visas issued will be limited.

On the other hand, the implementation of a visa for humanitarian purposes was indicated , which must be requested at the Chilean Consulate in Haiti and will allow residence for only 12 months . It will be the first step for a possible definitive residence and will take effect on June 2.

Under the same conditions as the Haitians, a "Democratic Responsibility" visa will be created for Venezuelan citizens, which could only be requested at the Chilean embassy in Caracas.

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