Breaking News: Chile suspends LAW's operating licence hours after it announced the resuming of its flights to Haiti

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Hours following the announcement of the chilean Airline company Latin American Wings, that it will gradually resume flights to Haiti, after announcing last Monday that it would temporarily suspend all its flights to Port-au-Prince, due to an increase in the number of "inadmissible Haitians", Chile’s General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics has suspends the Airline’s licence to operate in the country.

Latin American Wings will "gradually" resume flights to Haiti

“ The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) informs the Public Opinion that, in the exercise of its legal and regulatory powers, as of today it has proceed to suspend the Aeronautical Operator Certificate (AOC) of the company Latin American Wings S.A

The foregoing, in relation to the announcements made by the airline Latin American Wings S.A (LAW) regarding that it resume regular flights on Friday, March 16 and reorganized its companies.

The suspension of the AOC is due to the fact that the airline operator Latin American Wings S.A suspended its operations, within a process of internal reorganization of the company and cancelled all scheduled flights by itinerary, as well as the announcement of new destinations, which did not have been presented and approved by this Aeronautical authority.

Therefore, the suspension of the AOC will be maintained until the Company Latin American Wings S.A accredits compliance with the technical requirements, permanently and continuously, to carry out safely the aerial operations it intends to carry out.”

The Latin American Wings has temporarily suspends its flights Haiti-Chile due to increase of "inadmissible Haitian citizens"

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