Breaking News: 9 People from Haiti and the Dominican Republic have died from alcohol poisoning after consuming famous Haitian moonshine, Kleren

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Five people died in Pedro Santana, Elías Piña, and four others in Haiti because of the consumption of Kleren, a homemade, moonshine type of alcoholic beverage. Four more are  in serious conditios in the hospital of San Juan de la Maguana.

The deceased in the country are Andrés del Rosario Alcántara (Tano), his son Adrián Alexis del Rosario Sánchez (Guaño), Juliana Contreras (Gula), Porfirio Javier Santos (Losen), and Eugenio Jiménez, 72 years old.

The other seriously injured are Manuel José Ramírez, 28; Wilma Piña, 72; Belvis Contreras Peña, 29, and Aldo Valdez Jiménez, 63 according to information released by dominican authorities.

"We have tried to get a portion of this drink and we have been informed that a relative had saved a little bit. We are beginning to make the analysis. We have also received information that four people have died in Haiti, "said Dominican Public Health Minister Altagracia Guzmán Marcelino.

He asked the population to refrain from drinking homemade alcoholic beverages without sanitary registration and to be moderate with consumption.

It is believed that the drink was contaminated with a very lethal chemical, acquired in the Du Center department of neighboring Haiti, in the Los Cacaos community, and consumed by Dominicans in their homes. The 4,500 inhabitants of Bánica are alarmed by what happened, as this moonshine is equally popular among Haitians and Dominicans.


For many years, Dominicans from any part of the country have consumed Kleren, a drink of clandestine Haitian production, a little less refined than rum.

"Its main base is sugar cane, however, a decline in the production of this crop has caused the thirsty Haitian merchants, resorted to ethanol in its industrial form, a chemical compound better known as ethyl alcohol; product that in excessive proportions can cause death, as in fact occurred in our municipality, Pedro Santana, Elías Piña province, "deplored the mayor of this town, Hipólito Valenzuela.

The Minister of Public Health, Altagracia Guzmán Marcelino, asked the population to abstain from consuming home-made alcoholic beverages, especially in the area of ​​Elías Piña, where at least nine people were killed due to intoxication attributed to the intake of Kleren.

Likewise, he recommended that the citizens take in moderation the drinks of registered brands during the Christmas festivities to avoid possible health complications.

Deceased and survivors

The deceased are Huila, Tano and Juaño Contreras, Lesén Javier, Eugenio Jiménez and a Haitian woman only identified as María. While the inmates are Isidoro Contreras, Valdez Arnaud Jiménez, Berkis Contreras and Wilma Peña, a Haitian national.

The Public Health authorities assured that four more people have died in Haitian territory.

He also affirmed that tHaitian officials have also been notified so that Haiti can report to the Dominican authorities anything that further happens.

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