The Haitian government warns against the consumption of adulterated ethanol which has already caused the deaths of 22 people. These cases reported by hospitals including the Haitian State University Hospital (HUEH). Parliamentarians and relatives of victims ensure that the number of deaths is much higher.

The Director General of the Ministry of Health, George Dubuche, informs that analyzes are being performed in laboratory to identify the causes of this tragedy.

Almost all cases of deaths were recorded in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Authorities call for vigilance, however, warned against panic. According to parents, victims go blind and suffer extreme pain before dying.

Residents of the Fort Saint Clair district say that thirty people died last week. They urge authorities to identify the source of the alcohol.

Haiti's Minister of health, Florence Duperval Guillaume, said that according to the first elements of the investigation the victims had purchased alcohol near the cathedral market.

The epidemiological service research laboratory and HUEH had launched investigations last week. The medico legal institute and the Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince are also involved in the investigation.

Other deaths were recorded in the districts of Place Saint Anne and Carrefour Feuille. For the member of the third district of Port-au-Prince, Printemps Bellizaire, the number of deaths is much higher.

There is a resurgence of cases of deaths related to the consumption of adulterated alcohol. More than a dozen people had died at the end of 2015 after ingesting adulterated ethanol.