Bill and Hillary clinton, a former Haitian Prime minister and Haiti's gold mines

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In a book coming out in the US, we learn that the former co-chair of the IHRC, Jean Max Bellerive, and brother Bill Clinton, also a former president of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC), want to help a company to own gold reserves of Haiti estimated at $ 20 billion.

51, Peter Schweizer, American conservative, president of "Government Accountability Institute," author of several best-selling denouncing corruption policies, including "Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips," "Land Deals "... has an appointment with its readers on May 5, 2015. Clinton is in his sights at a time when Hillary Clinton does not hide its plans to succeed Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House.

The latest book by Peter Schweizer, "Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich" (Money Clinton: the untold story of how foreign governments and companies have helped make Bill and Hillary rich people) is, his publishing house Harper Collins, an investigation of more than a year on the personal wealth of Bill Clinton, more than 100 million, the Clinton Foundation and the decisions of Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State was profitable for foreign donors, governments and companies.

The author describes the unique terms how Bill and Hillary combine their political, personal and philanthropic, said Adam Bellow, publisher HarperCollins. "The sources cited scrupulously and extensive research raise serious questions about the sudden wealth of Bill Clinton, their judgment in terms of ethics and the ability to Hillary Clinton to occupy a higher position in the public service," added the editor of this book, that searches the mining issue among a dozen other cases.

According to the forthcoming book, Tony Rodham, brother of Hillary Clinton, is part of the board of the company VCS Mining in 2012 that got two gold business license of the Haitian government, first issued in 50 years, says a note of the publishing house, a kind of taste, teaser. VCS Mining also has in its board former Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive, former co-chair with Bill Clinton of the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (IHRC).

VSC mining Tony Rodham and Jean Max Bellerive

On its website, the VCS Mining, in a press release issued March 6, 2015 "to clarify the circumstances surrounding the issuance of permits," said Mr. R. and Mr. Bellerive Rodham joined the board as advisors October 27, 2013, more than a year after obtaining the operating license to Bossa bleak December 21, 2012.
VCS Mining has since 2009 sought permission from the Haitian government for a project to dull Bossa in the Northeast. After several years of working with the Haitian government, local authorities, through Delta Mining Company SA, a partner company of VCS Mining, obtained the renewal of its research permit in 2010. Later, after providing the feasibility study and after several evaluations of the Bureau of Mines and Energy, the VCS Mining obtained the operating license. Without any involvement of Mr. Rodham and Mr. Bellerive in the process, said the press release VCS Mining, which claims respectful of Haitian laws on the subject and the environment.

Ludner Remarais, head of BME says

Contacted by the newspaper, the Director General of the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME), the engineer Ludner Remarais, confirmed the procedure suggested by VCS Mining for obtaining operating licenses and said they had never spoke record with Jean Max Bellerive. Not even in a dream. "Never, never," insisted Ludner Remarais, number of BME since May 25, 2012, a year after the departure of Jean Max Bellerive the forefront of the political scene.

Everyone knows the value of the former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for the development of the mining sector. He had brought CGS, a South African company to study the mineral potential. "I have never received a penny of it for VCS Mining. He never spoke of a mining company, "assured Ludner Remarais, which emphasizes that at present," there is no metal deposit operations in Haiti. " The operating license is a step. It is necessary that the company is looking for money, build infrastructure, started to send heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators. It must be all that before entering into production of the mine, detailed Ludner Remarais.

For now, there are only peasants of Mont-Organized, Acul pines that make gold panning. The small quantities that they find in the river are sold every Thursday, said Ludner Remarais, which poses a challenge: "Show me where there is a mining operation in Haiti." In recent months, BME managers, TPTC, the MEF, the Ministry of the Environment have been working with the support of an expert from the World Bank on a bill to modernize the mining sector. The current law dates from 1976, he said, without venturing on the issue of royalties on the value of the deposit. Ludner Remarais, who said not to have this information in mind at the time of the interview, declined to give figures. It prioritizes jobs, taxes and the stability of the operation, he said, adding that there are variables considered by countries with mines to determine the royalties. This varies with the price of gold on the market. When an ounce of gold sells for 1200 US dollars, royalties are 5%. $ 2000 against 7% royalty. This varies from country to country, explained Ludner Remarais.
In the law, Haiti, royalties are 2.5%.

Jean Max Bellerive an update

 Jean Max Bellerive, former Planning Minister, Prime Minister and co-chair of the IHRC directly indexed, makes the point. "As Minister of Planning or as Prime Minister, I have never had anything to do with mining issues, except when decisions were taken by the Cabinet. So in any case I could not be in a position to sign a contract or agreement with any mining company, "said Bellerive.
"A good look at the file, the operating permit was signed in 2012. So after my departure as Prime Minister and Minister of Planning. I remember also a news said company appeared in the press at the time thanking the new Martelly administration and pledged to work for Haiti, "recalled Jean Max Bellerive, who explains how his path crossed that of VCS Mining.

"In 2013, the company found itself facing a situation of non-compliance with the agreement signed by the State had decided to pass a new mining law and suspended all grandfathered support of one by a group of senators. At this stage, I was consulted on the one hand because of my dual reputation as a good connoisseur of the Haitian government and probably also because of the relationships developed during this legislature with many parliamentarians. During these consultations (in 2013 !!) it was suggested to me to be part of an advisory board of the company (advisory board). I accepted the proposal that is not linked to any remuneration, does not grant me any participation in the company's capital or give me a power of decision to the Board of Directors. This is an honorary position that would have allowed me to be in relationship with investors interested in Haiti, "said the former prime minister.

"It is interesting to note that once again (once too) some areas that are in fact the real beneficiaries of contracts I have signed are not cited in the article circulating in the press . Jean Max Bellerive was in 2012 (do we forget on this occasion the PM Conille out a qualified audit flyer on my management?) Nor opportunity to sign contracts or to influence the signing, "said supported Jean Max Bellerive.

Jean Max Bellerive, there is no conflict of interest in advising the VCS Mining. "I was not in negotiations and pulled no financial benefit of the company," he said entrusting a dilemma: how to live decently with 75,000 gourdes income without giving consultation to the private sector? On the other hand, Jean Max Bellerive estimated, without having read the not yet released book by Peter Schweizer (Money Clinton: the untold story of how foreign governments and companies have helped make Bill and Hillary rich people) that "his name was mentioned by extension" because of the closeness he had with Bill Clinton. He did not rule out that his name was mentioned in connection with contracts for the IHRC. Jean Max Bellerive not believed to be the target of these attacks electoral purposes. There is an area that does not want Hillary Clinton to the White House, analyzed Jean Max Bellerive who believes that the mining sector has significant potential that the country will have to learn to exploit.

Some estimate that $ 20 billion of gold deposits in the northeast.

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