The former president of the Permanent Electoral Council and Minister of Justice Josue Pierre Louis has not been accepted as the new Ambassador of Haiti by European and Belgian authorities. 

Since his arrival in 2013, Josué Pierre-Louis has never been approved by Belgian and European authorities, reports the newspaper La Libre Belgique. 

"He was denied accreditation, and we want him to go", said a Belgian diplomat. 

According to the diplomat, Brussels had sent a formal letter last fall to the Haitian authorities to request that they appoint a new ambassador. To date, according to the diplomat, no reply has been received to this letter. 

Josué Pierre-Louis was named "the extraordinary and plenipotentiary envoy of Haiti to the European Union and to the Kingdom of Belgium,"  said the newspaper. 

The fact that Josué Pierre-Louis would have come to France with his companion who is an illegal resident, was enough for the Belgian Foreign Affairs to refuse to accredit him, continued the newspaper. 

Josué Pierre-Louis was at the center of two court cases that have caused a scandal in Haiti, one is the arrest of opposition member Arnel Belizaire in 2011, the other is the alleged rape of one of his colleagues at the Electoral Council in November 2012. 

Pierre Louis had dismissed the charges of rape which he qualified as "visionary" and a "political manipulation" of the opposition.

The Haitian government has not commented in the dismissal of Josue Pierre Louis,