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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, apologized today on behalf of the organization for the role it had in the cholera outbreak in Haiti and repeated cases of sexual abuse by "blue helmets" in Haiti and other countries. 

Ban Ki-moon whose terms as the world's organisation's Secretary General end this year-end, wanted to use his last speech before world leaders as an opportunity to express his "apologies for two issues that have tarnished the reputation of United Nations and, much worse, traumatized many people. "

"First, the heinous acts of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by a number of peacekeepers and other UN staff have compounded the suffering of people already affected by armed conflict and undermined the work done by many others."

The diplomat stressed that those responsible for protecting populations "can never become predators" and urged Member States and the UN itself to strengthen "Zero tolerance policywith these crimes.

Dozens of "blue helmets" have been accused in recent years of committing sexual abuse, in some cases children, and a large number of them in the Central African Republic.

In the case of Haiti, Ban said he feels "tremendous grief and sorrow to the profound suffering of Haitians affected by cholera."

This summer, the United Nations admitted for the first time that it had a role in the onset of the epidemic, which since 2010 has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands affected, and promised a new package measures to support those affected.

"It's time for a new approach to alleviate their condition and improve their lives. This is our firm and enduring moral responsibility, " he said today.

Ban said that he will return to the General Assembly before finishing his mandate to propose a new plan to support Haiti and urged governments financial support.

Several technical studies have pointed out that the cholera outbreak affecting Haiti still started in 2010 by a spill in a river of fecal waste the Nepalese contingent of the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH).

Victims' groups have tried unsuccessfully to get compensation in court by the UN, which has always asserted his immunity and for years denied responsibility.