While the question concerning discharge caused much ink and saliva during the election period, the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes studies the files of the former accounting for public money. The Administrative Court has indeed already deliberated on a range of issues that were pending. Others are being analyzed. As proof, the Court delivered last Tuesday, the audit reports of about 25 former managers of state funds in the Senate of the Republic for appropriate action. "We received 25 files from the Court of Auditors. We have already studied them one after the other, "confirmed Senator Andris Riche, adding that some personalities had a favorable report, other adverse and others a deficiency report.

"A guy like Fourel Célestin, the former Senate president and general manager of the police, had a deficiency report, the Court did not find any documents necessary to investigate his case, says Senator Andris Riche. This is also the case for Elie Plancher, a former solicitor of the Senate. Other personalities like former Culture Minister, Pierre Raymond Dumas, had a favorable report. »

For cons, the President of the Senate of ten members emphasized that the Court of Auditors gave an unfavorable report to former Agriculture Minister Joanas Gue, who is an aspiring candidate for the next presidential election. "With regard to his report there has been spending several million of gourdes, that are not justified during his passage to this ministry. So he will not receive a discharge certificate," he says, noting that contrary to rumors, the Senate has not yet received the audit reports on the management of ex prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe Salvador  and Jean Max Bellerive. Mr. Riche has nevertheless kept to mention all the names on this list.

According to Senator Riché, who also confirms that former ministers like Paul Denis and Gérald Mathurin have already received their certificate from the Senate this week, "President Martelly, the Council of Ministers, can give relief to personalities who were not under his administration. Otherwise, it would be an act of immorality judge the parliamentary from Grand'Anse. Because you can not be both judge and party. "

Giving themselves the deadline of May 11 to end this case, Andris Riche said that senators agree in order to respond positively to any record that has a positive report of the Court of Auditors. We can give them a letter to serve them right, he says. However  the senatro wanted to know what is the value of the certificate to be issued by the Senate at the location of the person concerned. "It is not for us to know. This is the Electoral Council to determine the value of this document. It is he who can decide what to do with. It was he who organized the elections. "

Normally, after having received the Court of Auditors audit report, that is the bicameral commission discharge the Senate should forward files. Consists of six senators and nine deputies, the commission is now dysfunctional. With the absence of the lower house and two thirds of the Senate, the latter can not meet. Which Senator Riché recognize.
"Since there are currently no Chamber of Deputies and there are five position senators who are members of the commission, we are given the urgency of ruling still on the report of the Court of Auditors . Senators Jocelerme Privert, Steven Benoit and I (committee members) we agreed to work on the file. But the document we're going to issue is still not a clearance certificate, "he concludes.