The centennial year of the US occupation, Haiti ranks as the early twentieth century unable to settle its own affairs. By Monday, January 12, is, again, diplomats from the United States of America that will stop the fate of our country by weighing all their weight on the course of events. This does not mean that Haitians are not masters of their destiny, just as in 1915, they are unable to agree on the vital minimum necessary for the proper functioning of the nation and the state.

In deciding understand that Michel Martelly has done everything to prevent the institutional chaos settled in good faith by leading the final negotiations, the US State Department encouraged the President to establish the inoperability of Parliament and the whole world will take note . This will allow the President Martelly to finish his term smoothly, even under high surveillance.
By sharing the opinion of political opposition parties and parliamentarians of the radical wing who do not accept the guarantees, renunciation and commitments announced by Michel Martelly as sufficient evidence of his good will, the Americans rush events, which can lead to a shorter end of the term of Tet Kale.

The US and the international community can also refer back to back belligerents and force the players to agree on the minimum by the end of January. In such a scenario, a political agreement would reduce the time and procedures to overcome the crisis. One option would also allow the president to take two or three decrees to go to elections while giving assurances to the opposition fractions wishing to play the democratic game.

All options are possible. The street can not impose anything by January 12 and the executive can afford to go into force. Today, every camp fire on the rope. They hope that on 12 January, White will be on their side. Who knows where is the white that day?

Throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Haitian politicians have done everything to be on their side foreign powers. In that time, the adjacent islands were offered, the Mole St. Nicolas, control of our customs. Occupation (1915-1934), three US interventions (1994, 2004, 2010) and two long UN missions later, leaders and opponents have no bargaining chips, they simply hope that, under the microscope friends of Haiti, they will have pretty decent air to have the support of the powerful. This reduces the room for maneuver and yet go straight to a political animal in Haiti is just as complicated as predict when an earthquake will strike again under our feet.

This weekend, in addition to thinking about our loved ones in January 2010, we will also consider the continued disappearance of common sense and sense of public good as well in the ranks of the opposition in the ranks of those that govern us. The balance of Haiti, five years after the earthquake and the recent elections, is pathetic.

The Long pre- electoral crisis, which it is hoped the outcome one way or the other in the coming hours, is that the premise of the electoral crisis coming and the one after the elections when the results will inevitably challenged.

Things being what they are ... as liked to say French general and statesman Charles de Gaulle, surprise us, for once, gentlemen!

Frantz Duval