Arrest warrant issued against former Haitian Minister of Justice, in what appears to be a political retaliation

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An arrest warrant was issued against former Minister of Justice Camille Edouard
Junior, in what seems to be more of a political retaliation than actual crimes committed by the former official.

Government Commissioner at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince Clamé Ocnam Daméus, has issued the warrant against the former Minister of Justice for alleged "misappropriation of public property and attempted diversion of public property intended for the food of prisoners, threat of death with order and conditions."

Political actors in Haiti have been trying to pinned down the former Minister of Justice with a crime, ever since he had authorized the arrest and extradition to the United States of then Senator-elect Guy Phillipe, from the President's own party, who had been under an international search warrant by the US Drug Enforcement Agency for years.

 Following the deportation of Guy Philippe three days before he was due to be officially sworn in as Senator, the Haitian Senate, whose majority is made up of senators from Philippe's own party,  had proposed the impeachment of then Minister of Justice, Edouard Camille Jr, who had authorized the arrest and deportation, so he could be tried for High Treason.

Haitian Senate wants to charge Minister of Justice with High Treason after deporting elected-Senator to the US

The Haitian Senate was not able to prosecute former Minister Camille for high treason only because it would be too obviously unconstitutional.  

According to Article 21 of the Haitian Constitution:

"The Crime of high treason consists in bearing arms in a foreign army against the Republic, serving a foreign nation in a conflict with the Republic, in any official's stealing state property, incrusted to his management, or any violation of the Constitution by those responsible for enforcing it." 

For his part, former Minister Edouard Jr. vehemently denounces "threats, acts of intimidation and instrumentalization of justice for personal and political ends".

While rejecting the allegations against him, Camille Edouard said that he is ready to respond to any and all questions the judicial may have for him, as long as the procedures follow the constitution's recommendation.

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