Anti Trump protesters in Haiti want President Jovenel Moise to step down

Posted by AP on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Under: National
March in streets of Haiti against Trump racism | The Chronicle of Today - Jalisco

The insulting remarks of the American president, still do not pass in Haiti. Protesters who blame the Haitian president for being close to Trump are demanding his departure. 

The march organized on Monday in Port-au-Prince, in response to the insulting remarks of the American president against the African countries, El Salvador and Haiti, was a new opportunity for the opposition to demand the departure of President Jovenel Moise.

"The Haitian people have a great history. Do not forget that the founder of Chicago is a Haitian and we made Savannah: it means that we are not a shitty country, "says Fernando Duclerc, referring to a battle in 1779, of the United States war of independence in which Haitian soldiers had participated. "We're not shit but, here, the leaders are shitty leaders: Jovenel is a" shithole "(the term used in English by Donald Trump), the bourgeoisie are shitholes because they feed the misery ", continues the demonstrator in the middle of the procession.

Several hundred people responded to the call of various political and civic organizations in Haiti and marched in the capital. Flags proudly in hand and placards ridiculing the American president, the slogan has mostly gathered the traditional opponents of Jovenel Moise.

Stone throwing against live ammunition in the air

"When we see in Haiti that so many people can not eat, not drink, that money is wasted, well we can say somewhere that Donald Trump is right," said Chandler Champal.

"Trump is stupid, he spoke badly but he put gas in our engine to start fighting for our rights, to attack the leaders who put us in a state of dire poverty," he said. before singing an anti-government song with the rest of the procession.

Announced more than a week ago, this event called "walk for dignity" was for the US embassy but an imposing cordon security prevented access to within 300m of the building. The presence of Haitian policemen equipped with all their protections and sticks in hand, fanned the anger of the demonstrators denouncing a new attack on national pride.

The throwing of stones on the police force multiplied and, in return, the police fired live bullets in the air to disperse the crowd, found a journalist of the AFP.

"It's ugly and really sad," said Josue Merilien, a trade unionist in the education sector. "Our leaders take orders from their colonial and imperialist bosses. After such a racist statement, which has upset and angered us, it would be fair for us to demonstrate where we should protest. It proves again how much this government must leave, "concludes the unionist, calling for a patriotic surge.

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