An important beekeeping project is being developed in southern Haiti

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The Organization for Integral Development and Artisanal Fisheries (PADI) is promoting an important project in the beekeeping sector of Haiti to reduce mangrove felling in the Southern Department of the country.

Building houses and making coal to survive are the main causes that lead the population of St Jean du Sud / Abacou, economically precarious, to destroy the mangrove ecosystem. 

In this sense, the PADI initiative offers inhabitants an alternative activity that generates income. 

The technicians of that organization placed an apiary in the area and offer training sessions to the new beekeepers. 

"The development of beekeeping not only provides another source of income, but also offers the opportunity to understand the importance of mangroves for this community," said Romere Laurent, beekeeping specialist.

For his part, Renaud Joseph, a PADI consultant, pointed out that 'mangroves produce nectar and pollen. Its honey is very requested by consumers for its clear color and sweet taste. This plant blooms in abundance during the dry seasons. ' 

Another of the projects undertaken by the institution is to teach cabinet makers to build different types of hives, which helps strengthen their professional capacity. 

The PADI organization together with the United Nations Environment Program-Haiti, began the awareness sessions in the area last April, showing the inhabitants the new apicultural techniques, the establishment of apiaries, their exploitation, management and marketing of Honey.

Next year, both bodies will duplicate the experience of St Jean du Sud / Abacou in the mangrove ecosystem of Cahouane, also in the Southern Department. 

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