The organization Amnesty International encourages the Prime Minister Paul Evans to make the issue of human rights a priority, in an open letter, published February 2, 2015, and accessed by the online agency AlterPresse.

The state remains "bound to respect and to fully promote human rights for all in Haiti," although "the priority given by your government or the organization of local and parliamentary elections that have long overdue," said Amnesty International.

The organization of these elections, late in 2011, is announced before the end of 2015 for all elective offices except 10 in the Senate.

Tackle in priority to the issue of human rights is crucial in the current political context and the circumstances relating to the reconstruction after the earthquake of 12 January 2010, explains the organization of human rights, which requires the government guarantee the right to peaceful assembly.

She points to a growing number of cases of excessive and unjustified use of force by the Haitian police but also peacekeepers of the United Nations to disperse demonstrations, often making many injuries and sometimes deaths.

Despite of investigation in some cases, no security officer or other authority has been prosecuted for participating in these incidents, she says.

Several sectors and organizations, including the National Human rights Network (RNDDH), also condemned acts of violence orchestrated during the recent anti-government protests, but not specifically by the police.

"Your commitment to respect the right to peaceful protest, speaking at a meeting with US diplomats on January 21 (2015)" should be translated as "concrete steps to enable victims to seek justice" in the context current instability and widespread dissent, Amnesty International wishes.

Protect human rights, ensure the independence of the judiciary and promote the right to decent housing in the recommendations made by the international organization.