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American Airlines has released a statement regarding the recent death of a passenger aboard its flight from New York to Haiti on Sunday.

Today, in response to an email sent by us to American Airlines on Tuesday, requesting confirmation that pilots alerted the tower in Port-au-Prince about the distress or death of the passenger on their flight and whether Ms Eliassaint received aid from flight attendant(s) or was she not discovered dead until the plane landed;  American Airlines Corporate Director, Martha Pantin, made the following reply:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

On Sunday, Oct. 23, American Airlines requested that paramedics meet flight 2175- a flight from New York- upon arrival in Port-au-Prince due to an ill passenger. For any information regarding the medical issue you will have to contact the first responders directly.

Because we respect the privacy of our customers we are unable to provide any further information.

Martha Pantin
American Airlines
Corporate Communications"

There are many rumors surrounding the death of the 77 years old woman. Many says that she died because their was no paramedics at the airport in Port-au-Prince to greet her when she landed, and others say that she died on the plane.

77 years old passenger died aboard American Airlines flight from New York to Haiti

 This is not the first incident of a passenger dying on an American Airlines flight in regards to Haiti. In 2008, 44 years old Carine Desir died of a heart attack on an American Airlines flight from Haiti to New York 
after being denied the oxygen tank she requested because of her difficulties breathing. A flight attendant first told her that he could not give her any oxygen, and then brought her an oxygen tank that was empty. (read that story in the NYTimes)