Already 1 reported dead and 1 missing in Haiti, as Hurricane Matthew makes landfall

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One person is already reported dead, and one missing in the South department, the first consequences of the passage of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, reports local radio/tv station Metropole Haiti.

Meanwhile, some 50,000 people are still living under tents in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, 6 years following the devastating earthquake, as the country gets ready to be hard hit by the powerful hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to affect Haiti since hurricane Flora in 1963. About 3,500 people were confirmed dead, with several thousands missing, in one report carry five months after that hurricane. It is estimated that the passing of Hurricane Flora killed 5,000 people and caused around $ 125 million and $ 180 million in damage in Haiti (1963 USD).

All state structures are mobilized to face the imminent passage of Matthew hurricane on Haiti. The Haitian government has made shelters available across the country to Some 300,000 people, it is unknown however how many people from tents are currently in the provided shelters.

President Jocelerme Privert urges citizens in risk areas to remain vigilant.

18,000 volunteers have been activated and all intervention agencies have strengthened in anticipation of the arrival of Matthew.

The doors of schools, those of airports and the US Embassy will be closed on Monday 3 and Tuesday, October 4 during the hurricane.

According to the latest weather forecasts available on the NJC site, the powerful Hurricane MATTHEW maintains Northwest trajectory.

Low intermittent of rain and intense cloud cover are expected during the day.
However, threats of thunderstorm and high winds blows are scheduled for Monday.

Note that Matthew has a strong ability rainfall ranging from 300 to 600 mm.

These accumulations of rain during the passage of hurricane Matthew from Monday to Tuesday could cause severe flooding, flows of important sludge and lightning floods throughout the country particularly in the southern departments of Nippes, Grande-Anse, South East , West and Artibonite.

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