All the Mayors in Haiti demand the departure of Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant

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Never has Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant been so unpopular. Since the government's decision to raise gas prices on the national market and the ensuing acts of looting, almost every sector in the country is demanding the resignation of the Prime Ministership's boss. This Wednesday, July 11, it is the National Federation of Mayors of Haiti (FENAMH) who demand his departure.

The National Federation of Mayors of Haiti (FENAMH) condemns with the utmost rigor acts of violence, looting and vandalism that have enamelled the popular claims from Friday, July 6 to Sunday, July 8, 2018 following the announcement by the government of the "brutal" increase in prices of petroleum products. In a joint statement, the mayors of the country express their sympathies to the victims and express their concerns about the future of families who have suddenly fallen out of work after the looting and burning of several companies.

"However, the Federation recognizes that the reaction of the population is the result of a lack of consultation in the decision-making processes involving the Republic but also and above all the frustrations born of the dissatisfaction of the demands long expressed by the various social components of the country. , especially the most underprivileged, "wrote the members of FENAMH in this statement, a copy of which was sent to the Nouvelliste.

After these considerations, the FENAMH demands: the resignation of the Prime Minister Jack Guy LAFONTANT; the formation of an openness government with a clear road map integrating the real concerns of the population such as decentralization, the fight against poverty, insecurity, corruption, unemployment, the environment, health, education, social housing, among others.

FENAMH also demands that the next Prime Minister be a rallying point, known to the socio-political circles, concerned with the recovery of local authorities. It must also be able, according to the mayors of the country, to be able to consolidate public finances, reduce the lavish expenditure of the state, strengthen justice and set up the permanent CEP to better ensure the alternation of politics; to define a strategy to bring the central state closer to territorial communities.

The mayors of the country also want the participation of 3,800 local elected representatives in the negotiations to resolve the crisis; the detachment of local authorities under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, the respect of the laws establishing the fund for the management and development of local authorities and the provision of town halls for local development funds (Territorial Funds) -FLADT).

Regarding the resignation of the Prime Minister, a reliable source in the National Palace and close to the head of state told the Nouvelliste Jack Guy Lafontant is a thing of the past and the consultations started Tuesday by Jovenel Moses are to choose a new prime minister and the formation of the ministerial cabinet.

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