All the High Chief of Staff members appointed by President Jovenel Moise to head army, were part of military group that ran notorious death squad in Haiti in the 1990s

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(VHS tapes of testimonies during the Raboteau Massacre trial in 2000)

No one knows what to make of the six men Haitian President Jovenel Moise decided to pick as head of his supposedly reconstituted army.

The recently appointed High Chief of Staff by the Haitian President, to head the reconstituted army, is causing major controversies in Haiti, due to the pasts of the members as high ranking generals in a military force under Raoul Cedras in the 1990s which ran a death squad in the country. 

Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, proceeds with the appointment of the military staff of Haiti's new Army

Furthermore, some of the men who were chosen by the Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, were convicted in absentia by a Haitian Court in November 2000, for their participation in the Raboteau Massacre, in the city of Gonaives which left dozens dead. This atrocious event, which took place April 18 to 22, 1994, in Raboteau, Haiti, consisted of an attack by military and paramilitary units on pro-democracy activists under Haiti’s 1991-1994 military dictatorship. That ruling was so historic that it was published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Haiti, the Monitor. The Army’s commander-in-chief, Raoul Cedras, was tried and convicted as intellectual author and/or accomplice of the Raboteau massacre he was also charged with homicide and attempted homicide, assault and battery as well as illegal arrest and detention, followed by torture, pillage, theft, damage or destruction of property, abuse of authority, property offense, crimes and misdemeanors against the constitution. His leaders of the military regime now nominated by the President were also prosecuted.

On 16 November 2000, a Haitian trial court convicted Cédras of murder, in absentia, for his role in the Raboteau Massacre.

All of them were blacklisted by the United States and had their assets frozen by the American government in 1994 due to their criminal activities in Haiti and for their roles in the overthrowing of Jean Bertrand Aristide, the first democratically elected President of Haiti, six months after taking office.

Jean Robert Gabriel, was recently nominated by Haitian President Jovenel Moise as -Colonel of  Haiti’s Armed Forces (FAD’H,) Assistant Chief of Staff G1 / G3. He served as colonel in the previous Haitian military.

Sadrac Saintil, was nominated FAD'H, Chief of General Staff. He served as colonel in the previous Haitian armed forces.

Jonas Jean was nominated as FAD’H Inspector General by President Moise, he was a colonel.

Joseph Jacques Thomas, FAD’H Secretary of the General Staff previously was a Major.

Derby Guerrier was nominated as FAD'H, Assistant Chief of Staff G2 / G4.  he previously served as Lieutenant-Colonel.

After the list was made public by the President, Mario Andersol, who was a young captain in the disbanded army before serving under three different Presidents, as Chief of Haiti’s National Police, put in place after the disbandment of the army, said this in french in a Twitter post:   "Haiti ’s Army High Staff or the art of deliberately accepting to be the turkeys of the joke. No lesson, it seems, was learned from the debacle of 1995. Same corporatism, same conservatism with the same plumb. The signs of re-dismantling are already there. "

In a press note released by the Bureau of International Lawyers in Port-au-Prince "This appointment confirms once again that the armed forces remobilized by the Tèt KaIe (kreyol nickname of the president's partypower is a militia whose hidden mission is to revive the Haitian people the darkest hours of bloodthirsty duvalierism: 1. Illegal arrests; 2. arbitrary detentions; 3. Torture of detainees; 4. Forced disappearance of citizens; 5. State assassination; 6. Mass exile." 

For Senator Youri Latortue and former President of the Haitian Senate,”if we want to remobilized the army, we must do it properly. We can not want to restore the army on the basis of a small clan when they were the problems,"

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