All school students in Haiti will be required to plant trees, said President Moise at One Planet Summit

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During his intervention Tuesday at the One Planet Summit taking place in Paris, Haitian President Jovenel Moise announced that as part of his efforts to combat climate change and widespread deforestation across Haiti, he will introduce a rule requiring all school students to plant trees as part of their annual curriculum.

 "Hurricanes will not wait for us." Said the President during his anticipated allocution. "In 2016 they caused $ 2.7 billion in damage and insurance paid $23 million. 

Hurricane Matthew caused $2 billion worth of damages in Haiti

The devastating Hurricane Matthew in October of last year has caused some $2 billion worth of damages in Haiti, the country to be the hardest hit by the storm, according to Haitian officials; in line with the estimation of the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank which estimate the damages to be around 124 billion Haitian gourdes or 1.72 billion euros.

The agricultural and housing sectors of the economy suffered the largest losses. $600 million each.

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