A 77 years old woman, Lucia Eliassaint, aboard the American airlines flight 2175 from New York to Haiti on Sunday, was found dead in her seat. Confirms, Serge Simon, assistant director of the National Airport Authority (AAN). 

Speaking to local newspaper Le Nouvelliste, Serge also denied rumors circulating on social media suggesting that the passenger died on the tarmac at Port-au-Prince international airport, after a minor discomfort on the plane and there were no paramedics present to assist her after the plane landed. 

"contrary to what is being said on social media, the body of the passenger arrived in the country lifeless."

Airport officials had to go to a set of established procedures, implemented for when such situation arise.

"After the landing of the plane at the airport, the paramedics found a lifeless body inside the plane. At this point, the procedure changed. A doctor had to be called to confirm the death, something that the paramedics cannot do. Then, a justice of the peace came to document the death, before the body was sent to a morgue." Continued the airport official.

The assistant Director of the National Airport Authority, Serge Simon did not say whether the tower control received a call from the plane to alert airport officials about either the medical distress or the death of a passenger on board their flight.

We have not received a reply to an email sent to American Airlines requesting information to confirm whether Lucia Eliassaint received first aid during her flight or she was unknown to be dead to flight attendants until the plane landed?


American Airlines releases statement regarding death of passenger on NY to Haiti flight