15.000 Haitian migrants are expected to arrive at US-Mexico border in coming months

Posted by hougansydney.com on Monday, November 7, 2016 Under: Migration

Dozens of migrants, mostly from Haiti and other african countries are beginning to arrive in the Mexican city of Chihuahua, on their way to the United States, and according to Mexican officials relying on data provided by shelters along the migrants route in Central America, some 15.000 Haitians are expected to arrive in the coming months in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora alone, seeking asylum in the United States.   

According to Juan Manuel Hurtado, a representative from the National Institue of Migration, authorities are rushing to provide these migrants with assistance, while mayors of cities which received the largest number of migrants continu to pressure Mexican officials to pay more attention to the migrants and to provide them with food, safety and health. In particular health care, after a tuberculosis outbreak was detected among the migrants in Tijuana.  

Luis Tadeo Velasco Fimbres, Secretary of the City Council, said that everything is being done to provide food, security and transportation and humanitarian assistance to "our Haitian brothers", but the capacity of the municipal government to meet them is being exceeded.   May people have offer these migrants money, fruit and other food, clothing bags to help them on their way to the United States.

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