The arrival of Haitian children continues to grow on the Tijuana border. Just this weekend some 130 children, some accompanied by relatives and others without. They came from their long trip to Central America, from Brazil, on foot, to finally arrive in Mexicali, hoping to begin the process of setting up an asylum application on the other side of the border, in the USA.

On Saturday, a group of migrants arrived directly at the El Chaparral, seeking an appointment to begin the asylum process, most of them were accompanied by minors.

According to the latest account by the Municipal Assistance, from May to November of this year, arrived at least 15,574 migrants coming mainly from Haiti and Africa.

And it is estimated that there are at least 2,980 stuck in Tijuana in different hostels or hotels and rooming houses,

The current director of Migrant Care, César Palencia, received a phone call Saturday confirming the arrival of more migrants in Tijuana next week. There was no report however of the total figure that should come to the city, as they had only begun with the registry this past Saturday.