1128 police conducted Friday their official entry into the National Police of Haiti (PNH). Being peacekeepers, they are called now, like many others before them, to put themselves at the service of a community where the "indifference and provocation are never far away." 

On the esplanade of the academy of the police school, emotion is evident on the faces of parents and police officers. The latter, after nine months of physical and theoretical training are to the wall and their arrival coincides with a crucial time in the history of the HNP, as indicated by its Director General, Godson Orélus. "This new promotion will improve police-population ratio, a key factor in the fight against organized crime." These officers, severe look, are a breath of fresh air for a police institution that needs arms to be reinvigorated and more institutionalized. 

"They will soon strengthen territorial structures and specialized units, enabling the HNP to renew its commitment to provide the public with quality service," says Godson Orélus on a firm tone before preventing the new peacekeepers of the social order. "The fight will not be easy. "He urges them to make the law their compass, under the eyes of members of the diplomatic corps, senior civil servants of the State and the President of the Republic. "You should be firm in your convictions, he argues. Do not be baited by easy money. That's the only way the HNP will emerge victorious in the fight against crime " 

"It is a visible sign that confirms that we are to take a further step on the road leading to the strengthening of the HNP and the establishment of the rule of Law", adds Michel Martelly, stressing that the enemies of order, democracy and the rule of law will not let go, as if to call the cops to show professionalism in the performance of their duties. Recalling that in a country like ours plunged into a sometimes misunderstood democracy where it is normal behavior that Republicans have not yet entered the morals, he insists that "personal reactions should always be controlled." 

Here, the police sometimes get guided by their instinct of  being " chief", losing sight of what they learned at the police academy when they are on the workplace. The Head of State seems to understand. He believes that "being a police officer is an exciting job at the community service and the exercise of which is made of sacrifice, of self-denial and commitment to values ​​such as integrity, neutrality, firmness and sense of dialogue. " As a refrain, Michel Martelly said that the officer must have as compass the legal framework in which interventions have to identify, before specifying that "protect and serve sometimes in a climate of social fever requires intelligence, tact and poise" . 
15 000 police officers by 2016 

Michel Martelly said he recognized that the HNP has fulfilled his task with a sense of proportion in the tumult of popular protests that stir these days through our arteries. "The police have to control their natural instincts response not to react to evil attacks that sometimes border on provocation," he has said in a short speech in Creole and French. "That's cool, this self-control, this mature behavior I expect of you," insists there before the police, after being sworn in, do scroll to the assessment of the assistance. 

Between the echo of voices and graduated tinted show of bravery, the commander in chief of the HNP reminded of the need to respect the moral values ​​and avoid the path of corruption. Today, the HNP has 12 000 police officers in its ranks. The objective is to increase to 15 000 in 2016. Godson Orélus stresses that local and international partners will make every effort to ensure that this due 2016 development plan be respected, one of the parameters to create the necessary conditions for the withdrawal of the UN peace keeping forces in Haiti since 2004.