"You have spoken, I have listened to you, now go home." Haitian President addresses the population after two days of deadly protests

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"I asked the government to reconsider the decision to remove subsidies on petroleum product prices. The Prime Minister did it. The price of fuel remains what it was before all over the national territory. There is no longer any increase in gas prices, " the head of state said Saturday night on public media in an address to the nation.

"You sent me the message and I received it. I corrected what needed to be corrected. But now I ask you to stay calm and go home, "said the president, pointing out that there have already been enough breaks in the country following the announcement of the price increase fuel.

For the many companies sacked or looted Friday and Saturday, the President of the Republic declared that the state will be responsible for its actions.

Jovenel Moïse has denounced a manipulation of the population in the last twenty-four hours and believes that the population did not participate in the looting of stores registered throughout the metropolitan area.

Since the announcement of the increase in fuel prices at the pump and the acts of violence that have followed, the airlines have not landed in Haiti and Jovenel Moses believes that it is a bad thing for the picture of the country.

Jovenel Moise who waited about 24 hours after the acts of violence to address the nation, said he listens to the people while launching a call for calm to allow the police to do its job. He believes that the development of the country will be with everyone.

In this address to the nation, the tenant of the National Palace acknowledged that the authorities of the country had poorly communicated on the importance of an adjustment of the price of gasoline at the pump. Jovenel Moses clearly criticized those who run the country with him. "I know that you gave me power, but I can not lead alone. I have to have a lot of people around me to explain to me before making a decision ... ", he explained.

He stressed that the state subsidizes up to 17 billion gourdes each year petroleum products.

He took the opportunity to praise his accomplishments during his 17 months at the helm of the country such as building road infrastructure, community restaurant, reducing subsidies and reducing costs in state contracts. He claims to have put heavy equipment across the country

He said that no less than 30 private companies are interested in generating electricity 24 out of 24 in Haiti. More than 14 billion gourdes are spent each year on the subsidy of electricity while much of the population does not have access, he said.

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