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Two of the four main political parties in Haiti have not only rejected the results of the presidential election that took place in the country November 20th, their leaders are calling for civil disobedience. Using the term "Nou Pap obeyi" or we will not obey, as a rallying call for their supporters.

The Fanmi Lavalas party as well as the Dessalines' children platform said that they do not recognize the results released by the Provisional Electoral Council that show Jovenel Moise, winning the election with 55.67% of the votes in the first round.

"We do not recognize these results, we are going to fight against this plan of colonization of this political group, the results were prefabricated and we will stand with all our allies to defeat the imposition of a candidate for the country," said former presidential candidate of Dessalines Children's platform, Jean-Charles Moise, who came third in the polls with 11.04% and has now joined alliance with fellow former candidate Maryse Narcisse of the Fanmi Lavalas who said that there is "no legal path" with the future government.

Maryse Narcise who received a little over 8% of the votes and came in fourth position, said that the streets will determine who the next president of Haiti will be, warning that the political crisis may get worse.

An interim president heads Haiti since February 2016, after a week earlier Michel Martelly's constitutional mandate had expired without an elected successor. The results of the first round election that Martelly attempted to do was nulled after widespread accusations and allegations of "massive fraud."