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The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of Haiti today warned the political parties of PHTK and Lavalas which have declared their candidates winners without waiting for the publication of the official results of Sunday's elections, that it is considering imposing "tough sanctions," including the possible banishment of candidates from the process.

In a statement released earlier today the electoral body said that it will impose swift sanctions against the parties that have called out the election prematurely and organise mass protest.

On Monday, a day after the peaceful election, the spokesman of the PHTK party, Rudy Herivaux, held a press conference, declaring its candidate, Jovenel Moise, "President elect" of Haiti, even though less than 25% of the ballots were counted at the time. The PHTK party also sent out numerous text messages to its supporters explicitly telling them that they had won the election with over 60% of votes, thus not needing a second round.

Following the winning claim of the PHTK, the Lavalas political party also declared victory and organized a mass demonstration throughout the capital city Port-au-Prince which Haitian Police dispersed by tears gas and plastic bullets as it approached the National Palace.

Once more the CEP urges the population and all political actors to remain calm while ballots are still being counted; official results are not expected to be published until Sunday.  In that sense, the CEP asked people to ignore messages that have begun to spread some political formations on the results of the elections.

27 presidential candidates competed in Sunday's election, but only three of them are viable for the post. Alphabetically, Jovenel Moise of the PHTK, Jude Celestin from LAPEH and Maryse Narcise of FANMI LAVALAS.

Sunday's election was the do over of the October 2015 presidential election which was annulled due to widespread fraud allegations and violence that erupted following the publication of the first round results.