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"MINUJUSTH should be the last UN peacekeeping operation deployed in Haiti", UN set to renew mandate in Haiti on April 15

Posted by hougansydney.com on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 Under: Diplomacy
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The United Nations Security Council is getting ready to renew the mandate of MINUJUSTH, which is due to expire April 2015. The UN, wants to transition its mission in Haiti to a non-peacekeeping one, "given the return of stability in this Caribbean nation," said yesterday, the French diplomat, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, head of the UN Peacekeeping Operations, who also highlighted the need of the Security Council for greater cooperation between the United Nations and the Haitian government, which will ensure the success of the mission.

“The Mission of Support for Justice in Haiti (Minujusth) can only be effective if it has a solid relationship with government authorities and citizens of the country, based on solidarity and mutual trust,” he told the 15-member body.

"Although there is a more stable environment, we must bear in mind that the challenges and risks remain, especially as we prepare for a transition from peacekeeping actions to others based on development”, Lacroix reminded.

The french diplomat urges Haitian authorities to make sure that MINUJUSTH is the last UN peacekeeping operation deployed in Haiti.

MINUJUSTH was activated in October 2016, it replaced the Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) which was deployed in the county in 2004 following the overthrow of President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

U.N Security Council arrived in Haiti to discuss transition of MINUSTAH to MINUSJUSTH

While the Haitian government has welcomed the call for greater cooperation, the issues of Cholera remains its single most important concern. When will the victims be compensated?  The deadly disease was introduce in Haiti in 2010, by UN Nepalese blue helmets, deployed in the country following a devastating earthquake, without taking proper vaccination even though a cholera epidemic was raging in Nepal. The disease has since claim the lives of nearly 10.000 Haitians and rendered sick another 800.000 more.

The UN which announced in 2015 a $200 million package to compensate victims and help Haiti rebuild its potable water infrastructures, has not been able to raise more than a pittance of $10 million of the promised funds.

The renewing of the United Nations in Support of Justice in Haiti also comes at a time of tensions between the Haitian Government and the UN.  Last February 28th the Haitian government recalled Haiti’s ambassador to the UN following comments the UN Special Representative in the country, Susan D. Page, made in regards to the Petrocaribe corruption and the abuse of power of police officers in two specific cases. Susan D. Page has also been recalled by the UN. 

Breaking News: Haiti recalls Its Ambassador to the UN after comment of UN representative in Haiti on PetroCaribe and other issues

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