"Lies and exaggerations." Former Oxfam director accused of hiring underage prostitutes for orgies in Haiti with Aid money, speaks out

Posted by hougansydney.com on Thursday, February 15, 2018 Under: Corruptions
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Roland Van Hauwermeiren, 68, former director of OXFAM, who has been accused of hiring prostitutes with donated money, some of them underage, while delivering aid in Haiti in the aftermath of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake, is speaking out.

The former director who is at the centre of the scandal that is shaking the aid industry, admitted that some of the salacious details reported in the media are true, but most of them are lies.

"A lot of people - even in the international media - will be blushing when they hear my version of the facts," Mr Van Hauwermeiren told Belgian newspaper Standaard (in Dutch) from his apartment on the Belgian coast.

"Not that I deny everything. There are things that are correctly described. But I also read a lot of lies and exaggerations. Party every week? Chic villas? Women paid with money from the organization?"

In his first interview since the explosive story broke, Mr Hauwermeiren said that things has become “especially bad” for him; the exaggerations in the media has caused his family to no longer want to see him, he complained.

Since the scandal broke, Oxfam has been going through a public relations nightmare. The United Kingdom as well as the EU have threaten to withdraw their funding if the allegations are proven to be true, while the Haitian government has asked Its British counterpart to prosecute all those involved in these serious crimes which were not reported to Haitian police and said that it was also considering the removal of OXFAM operating license in Haiti.

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