"Haiti is now stable and at peace" assured Haitian ambassador to the United Nations

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Haiti’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Denis Regis, on Tuesday, assured members of the UN Security Council, that Haiti was now "stable and at peace." 

Discussing the upcoming renewal of the Mission of the United Nations in Support of Justice in Haiti, (MINUJUSTH) the Haitian diplomat lauded “ the new political certainty” and the “new order of things” prevailing in Haiti since the 2015 democratic elections, which have paved the way for institutional and social stability.  

Among the indicators of progress, Denis mentioned the sharp reduction of violent crimes and a renewed fight against corruption “including in the context of the PetroCaribe dossier” as well as the increased professionalism of the National Police, said the diplomat, addressing the two incidents which the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Haiti, Susan Page, specified in a note which applauded the appointment of judges to oversee the PetroCaribe corruption allegations while deploring that the same was not done in regards to police abuses in two specific cases. The Haitian government had recalled Denis Regis in a sign of protest.

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While the Haitian government support MINUSJUSTH, it  adheres to the principle of an evolution of the Mission towards a United Nations presence within a framework of capacity building instead of peacekeeping, because “Haiti is now stable and at peace.”

A sentiment shared by the 
French diplomat, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, head of the UN Peacekeeping Operations, earlier in the day,  when he also agreed that MINUJUSTH should transition its mission in Haiti to a non-peacekeeping one, "given the return of stability in this Caribbean nation," 

"MINUJUSTH should be the last UN peacekeeping operation deployed in Haiti", UN set to renew mandate in Haiti on April 15

Mr. Régis called for continued cooperation between Haiti and the United Nations, as part of a strong partnership, which truly promotes further progress in all areas of the rule of law. None of this will be possible without the scrupulous respect of mutual obligations and apart from an authentic spirit of solidarity, mutual respect and trust, he warned. He called for support from the international community to foster conditions for strong growth and poverty reduction and welcomed the "Haiti Transformation Retreat" initiative launched by the Secretary General.

With regard to the cholera epidemic, which continues to prevail despite the progress made, the delegate hoped that the new initiative of the Secretary-General "will finally enable the two components of the new United Nations approach to cholera to be implemented". . The Trust Fund has so far been able to raise just over $ 7 million, which is clearly insufficient for the $ 400 million needed, he said.

As a result, Mr. Regis called for "a burst of goodwill" and the exploration of "innovative and predictable" sources of funding so that victims, their loved ones and their dependents can receive the just compensation they are entitled to . Finally, the delegate assured that his country intends to deepen its dialogue with the Security Council, the Secretariat and all United Nations bodies.

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