#Haiti former first lady delete Facebook account after damning open letter

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Michelle Bennett Duvalier, ex wife of the late Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier, wrote a long letter, passionate in response to criticism on her Facebook page, about the history of his family in Haiti.

The comments that pushed the former first lady to answer were made under a post in honor of Stéphane Bruno, a young man well known in the technology industry in Haiti who was recently shot dead in Port-au-Prince by unknown gunmen.

 "I did not understand that you enjoy my tribute to Mr. Stephane Bruno meddling slyly as little vicious on my page without the invitation to make a stand " politics "and adjust your " account " with the Duvalier family. Is it that I'm a woman? Ae you part of my "friends" on facebook? Would you have dared to do that on the page of a former President? Or on my own if I had been a man? the President Jean Claude Duvalier is dead, I'm not telling you anything new, but know gentlemen, I am a woman who does not keep her tongue in her pocket, she has learned to defend herself alone and I forbid you to dirty the memory of the father of my children, because he is no longer to defend himself.

You can criticize the government of Jean Claude Duvalier as you want on political forums or elsewhere, but respect my homepage because it is not an open forum or you can come pour your Jean-Claude Duvalier's bill. Has he been tried? Was he been convicted? I note that we have other former Presidents on which you can make the teeth and living for most of them in Haiti, and to help you, I quote: General Henri Namphy, General Raoul Cedras, General Prosper Avril, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Rene Preval, Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, Alexandre Boniface, Michel Martelly, and finally, currently President Jocelerm Privert. Gentlemen! Dare you do the same with them? No, you do not dare! Because you are cowards! You hide behind your anonymity on facebook! "

Ms. Bennett continued her letter by praising the achievements of her husband as president of Haiti. Citing the example of Haiti's tourism industry booming at the time, compared with the current socio-economic and political problems.

A couple of hours after the former first lady expressed her angers on Facebook, an open letter addressed directly to her surfaced, the damning letter that would force her to not only delete her post but her entire Facebook account.

The open letter which includes pictures, originally written in french and offensively titled  Réponse et lettre ouverte à la salope et sans vergogne Michelle Bennette Duvalier ancienne dictateur" Response and open letter to the slut and shameless Michelle Bennett Duvalier former dictator, was read over 25 thousand times on our blog.


You Mrs Bennet, has no right nor the moral authority to judge anyone in the business management of the Haitian society.

Although Haiti has not had a chance to judge your husband, however, history has already judged and pronounced its sentence on him you and your family; scums of society that deeply belong in the dirtiest dustbins of history. The only thing that remains is for the Haitian authorities to drag you shamelessly before a court for corruption and embezzlement.

The millions of dollars that you and your husband have turned away from the Haitian treasury during his brutal rule and your influence on him to fund your extravagant lifestyle are well documented in numerous reports, newspaper articles, photos, receipts payment, funds blocked later by the Swiss government, which belonged to your husband. In other countries where laws against corruption are followed, you would have been behind bars.

Your honorary title of first lady did not mean you were a government official with a salary. You did not have a formal job, either. However, your personal expenses were in the hundreds of thousands per month.

The money you spent in expensive fur coats and clothing brands could have fed thousands of malnourished children in the provinces of Haiti during the government of your husband. The gold jewelries with diamonds and pearls too.



You were so extravagant with your expensive fur purchases during your regular trips to Paris that the international media had ridiculed you in editorials on how you kept furs in refrigerators; too hot to wear fur under hellish sun of the Caribbean country. No other dictatorial bitch ever came with that before you. Good one !



Yes Ms Bennett, chaired by your husband Haiti led the tourism industry in the Caribbean, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Americas. The island described by the leading magazines and travel agencies as the "Idle Tropical" and "Pearl of the Antilles" was the place to see and be seen; it attracted the rich and famous. Over 15,000 tourists visited the coast of Haiti every month. 302,000 tourists from all over the world have visited Haiti the summer of 1970 (139.000 by air, 163,000 sea.) Mainly the United States but also including Canada, France, Germany and Spain. The suburb of Petionville and Jacmel received more than half of these visits. Bill and Hillary Clinton have had their honeymoon in Haiti during that time, famous writers, actors, and even American politicians vacationed in the "Magical Island" as Haiti was marketed. The bays of Port-au-Prince and Jacmel were always full of boats and private yachts.

Tourism revenues and other companies were financing your husband Jean Claude Duvalier and his entourage, including yourself, as well as his 
vicious Tonton Macoutes paramilitary.

The millions from the public treasury to finance your marriage to Jean Claude Duvalier.

The money you have also benefited from him as a result of you divorcing him during your exile in France and that allowed you to live a rich life was from the Haitian treasury. Haitian laws did not grant your husband  a salary that would had allowed him to pay you so much money.

In your mad letter you said that this was more than 30 years since you and your ex-husband deceased were thrown out of the country and that we should go and look for blame elsewhere for our current ills.

Let me remind you that thirty years in the history of a country and a people could be considered a generation. The last thirty years have been the result of the failure of your former husband, and your misuse of public funds.

Small accomplishments of your husband that you quoted are just a small example of how much could have been done if it were not for your spending habits.

Do not be deceived Mrs. Bennet, history remembers you as the one, whose uncontrollable lavish spending dragged down the government of her husband and a whole country.

More than half of the population were illiterate, schools were not been in the countrysides and it was under the care of your family we have also gained the title of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

In your letter, you said that you are not the type of person to keep your tongue in your pocket. In your place, I would do exactly the opposite because you do not seem to know the ramifications of the past of your family and yourself in the country.

Who knows, perhaps unlike your ex-husband one day, a responsible government will take over before your death, and you may be dragged before a court of law for corruption and theft of public funds.

Michelle Bennett Duvalier, you remain a public figure, and so is your Facebook page and other social networking medium that you used to broadcast your toxic point of views on the role of your family in the degradation of the country over the years. The people your husband and your spending have failed deserve an answer. That is why we will continue to urge the Haitian government to issue an international arrest warrant against you so that you could face a court of law.

If Michelle Bennett believes people slander her name when they make outrageous accusations against her, she should sue them before a Haitian court to prove otherwise.

In recent days, the country faces an unprecedented political crisis, a key period that keeps coming up is the reign of your family. Just as slavery has had a negative impact on the country, the dynasty of your family continues to corrupt the social fabric of Haiti.

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