"Dominicans are condemned to live permanently with Haitians, because that's what destiny wanted," said well-known Dominican activist

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The well-known activist and president of the Dominican Committee Abroad (CODEX), Máximo Padilla, said "Dominicans are condemned to live permanently with Haitians, because while Haiti has problems, we are going to also have problems" .

He added that "we are from the same island, the same embryo and we can not leave the island, nor demand that they throw themselves into the sea or into the rivers," said Padilla, commenting on the recent situation in Pedenernales last week, when his fellow compatriots demanded that all Haitian nationals leave town or be forcibly removed, in the wake of the assassination of a couple blamed on two Haitian brothers who fled back to Haiti.

Dominican President declares emergency in Pedernales and dispatches troops to protect Haitians from threats of Domicans who want them out within 24hrs

"What you have to do is press the Haitian government to fulfill its duty to legalize them and that the responsibility to govern their people, do not throw it to us," says the activist.

"The Dominican Government can not accept any slime in Montecristi and Dajabón, it announced the next day that it was going to stop it, but the guards did not stop it. We are not prepared logistically for the killing of 600 Haitians, and that could happen, " he said.

Padilla added that "we have to live with our Haitian brothers, because that's what destiny wanted".

He said that the laws in the Dominican republic must be complied by all, including Haitians"but we must treat them honestly, with justice, morality and with the most special human rights."

He noted that "although Haiti has never been in solidarity with us, because they invaded us three times and we became independent from them not a European power, but even Santana himself preferred to go to Spain, before dropping them on Dessalines and Boyer... "

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