The organization of the next elections requires a budget in the order of 50 to 60 million, said the President of the CEP, Pierre-Louis Opont, who was speaking Monday on the waves of media in the capital.

The international community will fund the elections to the tune of $ 38 million. The Haitian government will contribute $ 13 million dollars. 38.5 million dollars are already available, said the President of the CEP.

The budget for the implementation of the elections was to be published simultaneously with the electoral calendar, found Mr. Opont, indicating that the constraints of the electoral calendar had an impact on the budget.

Money election is run by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - that electoral advisers do not see a good eye since the UNDP as organ of the United Nations is not liable to the Court of Auditors in Haiti which has standing to ask the UNDP to account for the money it manages.

As a precaution, the CEP does not discuss directly with the UNDP on funds donated by friends of Haiti, said the president of the CEP, specifying that it is the Haitian government will to seek funds on the request of electoral institution.