Spirits in Vodou are known as Loa; Catholic Saints lithographs are used to represent them. During slavery in Haiti, white french masters forbade the slaves from pursuing Vodou as a religion and anyone caught practicing any religion other than Catholicism were severely punished. The slaves, still deeply attached to their African roots, were obliged to use Catholic Saint Image during Vodou ceremonies, pretending to be praying to them while deep in their heart they were praying to their African gods. This is the main characteristic that differentiate the Vodou that is practiced in Haiti and in Africa. Over 400 years have passed, but the tradition strangely still remain today; it is so deeply rooted in the religion that it is almost impossible to even imagine Haitian Vodou without the representation of the Loas with Catholic Saints' images.  

Marinette-Bois Sèch

Posted by Sydney Noel on Sunday, October 5, 2014

Marinette-Bois Sèch


Marinette Bois Sèch, meaning Marinette of the dry arms, is one the most dangerous, violent, unpredictable in the pantheon Voodoo. She is extremely evil, her ceremonies are around huge bonfire, in which salt and gasoline are thrown into. She has the authority over all werewolves. She is one of the great sorceress and she is feared as much as she is respected.
In possession, she openly talks about the horrendous crimes she's been committing lately. Her hands are crooked, she has a scratchy voice, lower her head and scratching. She behaves like the owl, which is her symbol. Her offerings reflect how much of a cruel spirit she is. A black hen, or goat, is presented to her, which she would douse gasoline on and set on fire alive. She finds pleasure in the horrific view, and the burning smell really delights her; also because she doesn't want anyone to come to her hidden house in the forest, with offerings. If she needs it, she will come for it. Nothing is usually prepared for her, since most are afraid to call upon her. Marinette Bois Sèch presence are always unexpected. Her rite is the Bizango.
Bizango is the most extreme form of petro. In possession she walks on fire. for Marinette Bois Sèch' ceremonies take place, extremely late at night, where the djab live. Djab meaning devil. 
She is the wife of Ti Jean Dantor, cousin of Erzulie Dantor.

Alternative. Marinette Pye Sèch (Marinette of the dry feet).
Color: Red

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