Gran Bwa meaning Great Tree is a nature oriented loa, closely associated with trees, plants and herbs. He is the master of the sacred forest and also the protector of wild animals. Like Loko, he is the loa of healing, knows the secrets of herbal medicine and the secrets of magic hidden in the plants. Gran Bwa represents the rich earth that you spring from and the dark woods of life you stumble through. He is one of the loa who presides over the Kanzo cycle. 

His rites fall under the petro style of service. He loves leaves and plants as offerings. He loves cigars and drink kleren or rum through his ears when he makes appearance. 
Together with Kalfou and Baron, Gran Bwa forms the triad of the three greatest, most powerful Voodoo magicians. His colors are green, red in some houses.

 Gran Bwa is linked to Saint Sebastian in Catholic hagiography, for the tree that Sebastian is pinned against.