The Gede are the Family of spirits that embody the power of death and fertility. They are the largest family Loa in Voodoo. There numbers are only known to their Father,  Baron Simityè (Baron Cemetery) and their Mother Grann Brijit. (Grand Mother Brigitte). They are the intermediaries between the living, and the dead. Gede has the capability to read people minds and to know everything that happens in both worlds. If a child is dying, Gede is prayed to. It is believed that he will not take a life before it's time and will protect the little ones. Aside from occupying an extremely important place in Voodoo, they are the goofiest. They love to dance sexually suggestive dance. The rythm is known as Banda. they are also known from their foul mouth, and their favorite drink, Piman Kleren; a fiery rhum with 21 hot peppers soaked in it.They love it so much, that they pour it on their body, wash their faces, and even their genitalia with it. Their presence  seem to always  put everyone in the assembly in a sexual type mood, some are known as gay. There's male, and female Gede. When Gede come in possession, they wear sunglasses, with a missing lens, some cover their faces with baby powder. They wear white, black or purple clothing. They gossip and put people's embarrassing secrets out, at the leisure of laughs from participants, but pull one aside, and ask him a serious question; he will give you the best answer that he can give. Some has the funniest name.
Gede Pete (Gede the farter), Gede Egare ( Gede the retarded), are some of them; but there are also, some respected, old, wise  and very rare. Such as Brav Gede Nibo. (The Brave Gede Nibo). Nibo is the name of an ancient village in Nigeria. Gede Avoka, ( Gede the Lawyer), Gede Mazaka, Gede Zariyen (Gede the Spider), also my personal Loa. Gede's feast are usally celebrated throughout Haiti, on November 2nd, in reference to its description of Tous les Saints (All Saints Day). Huge crowds are on the streets, en route to cemeteries. Drums are beaten, candles are lighted, songs are sung; VèVè are drawn on the grounds. It is a real party.
Black Goats are sacrificed for them.

Here is a popular song for Brav Gede

Brav Gede alovi e
M'pat vin isi pou'm ret a moun o
Fouye twou a se mwen, antere a se mwen (bis)
Mwen pat vin isi pou'm ret ak moun o

"Brav Gede Alovi eh
I didn't come here to be anyone's servant
Digging the hole; it's me. Burying; it's me (bis)
I didn't come here to be anyone's servant.